Magic One Services also provides a Resale Rental Ready program!

The Resale / Rental Ready program is specifically designed to make the preparation for selling or renting a home or space carefree for you. We are able to come in and get everything ready for you. You simple give us access to the home or spaces and the next time you see them they are ready.

• Other than painting walls we provide Mailboxes, doors, porch railings, fences, walls, ceilings, windows, furniture, light posts, etc. We will pay special attention to small area to increase the visual appeal of a property. In addition to the interior, the exterior will also be analyzed and worked on if necessary to significantly increase in the value and appearance of a home. Magic One Services will bring you a pallette of colors and value priced paint to provide maximum coverage at minimal expense.

• Repair or replacement of items such as: doorknobs, handles, windows, lights, sinks, faucets, railings, floor tile, trim, shelves, etc to avoid potential problems or it can prove to be a turn-off for potential buyers or renters.

• Repair environmental damages such as water damage, smoke damage (from fire or resident smoker), mold and mildew. This damage can stop buyers or renters in their from considering your property.

Please take the time to call our office during our regular business hours or fill out our online information request form to get a quote so you can make an informed decision.

"Magic One Services is a full service company with outstanding customer service, reliability, and value. Whether it is our office or our home, they all come through with flying colors" - Peggy Breaux

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