We understand that when we enter our customer’s home, we are entering our customer’s most private, sacred and secure domain known to them. Entering and performing our services in our customer’s sanctuary requires the responsibility and respect to perform our services in the highest manner and regard for our customer’s feelings, their property and their belongings. We are committed to being the finest Carpet Care service company in New Orleans region.

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Magic One Services is one of the industry leaders when it comes to commercial carpet and fabric care in New Orleans. We are proud of our list of satisfied customers. At Magic One Services, we offer a service that is friendly, personal, meticulous and thorough, with attention to detail no matter how large or small the contract. These are the qualities that we are known for. These standards and qualities are what have gained us the trust of our customers and have allowed us to be recognized as the industry leaders.

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Rugs are beautiful pieces of fine art. Many area rugs are highly expensive Orientals, antiques or other works of art that appreciate in value over the years, as is the case for some meticulously handcrafted pieces. We recommend that you take advantage of our in-plant service, to ensure that your rug gets only the best treatment to protect your investment.

We at Magic One Services we know that every rug has individual qualities and features that need expert attention. Just like regular carpets, your area rug can absorb a lot of punishment—constant foot traffic, dirt, spills, soil and other materials.

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Before you give up on your old carpet or rug, call the Magic One Services experts. We provide the following services under our repair maintenance plan

• Repair burned areas or similarly damaged places and replace it with new carpet matched by color, wear characteristics and pattern.
• Carpet stretching to remove dangerous ripples
• Repair rips and tears
• Seam repair
• Fringing
• Padding

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"Magic One Services is a full service company with outstanding customer service, reliability, and value. Whether it is our office or our home, they all come through with flying colors" - Peggy Breaux

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